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Are You Looking to Future Proof Your Home or Business?​

At SEQsparky we are always looking to the future to understand how we can keep your property maintained and up to date today and tomorrow.

We make sure that we are in touch with the best new technologies to make sure our customers can access the best gadgets, features and security around the home or at your place of work.

So whether you are looking to install your first electric vehicle charging point, make the most out of energy saving technologies, update your security or get your property connected through IoT, you can speak to us.

EVCS Installations

Are you ready to install your electric vehicle charging yet?

You can see hybrid and fully electric vehicles starting to appear on the roads of South East Queensland these days and the trend is set to continue, with the Australian Government committed to see the increase of electric cars in Australia into the near future.

Are you ready to install your very own electric car charging station?

If so, get in touch and find out how simple it is to get started.

Did You Know ... ?

Did you know that SEQsparky was the first Australian company to specialise in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) for the South East Queensland region?

And did you know that SEQsparky even wrote its own installation standards for the safe installation of EVCS, because it’s such a new technology and the rest of the industry hasn’t caught up with formal standards yet?

So if you are looking for EVCS installation, you can trust SEQsparky do the job right and safely. 

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