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SEQsparky work with home owners, landlords, estate agents and property management companies across the whole of South East Queensland for lighting design, installation, commissioning and testing and inspection. Whether you are upgrading your old electrics, working on a new build or extension or are considering using new technology to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, SEQsparky can work with you across your entire project.

Lighting Expertise

SEQsparky designs lighting which is not only attractive but which gives the right levels of lighting for each area of the home. We work with the latest lighting technology to ensure that your home lighting is efficient and future proof.
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Efficient Lighting

Are you changing to LED lighting or curious about how redesigning your home lighting could help you save energy? At SEQsparky, we design and install lighting systems which not only help you to save energy but also reduce maintenance costs, and improve light levels around the home. We aim to design lighting solutions which don’t just save money but reflect the right mood and give the correct level and type of light depending on where you are in the home, so that your house feels relaxed and comfortable whichever room you are using.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has many advantages over traditional bulbs. Changing your home to LED lighting not only gives you better levels of light and more options about how to light up your home but offers great cost savings over time. LED bulbs are more efficient than traditional bulbs, converting up to 70% of their energy into light, whilst many of the leading manufacturers state that their bulbs will last up to 25,000 hours each (or nearly 3 years of continuous use!). From initial 3D designs to installation and commissioning, SEQsparky can help you convert your home to LED lighting.

Commercial Lighting

SEQsparky can offer electrical design, Power Factor Correction, UPS, Generator back-ups and a multitude of other services specific to manufacturing and other industrial environments.

Additionally, we can carry out lighting designs and provide energy-saving solutions with the use of wireless controls and daylight harvesting. We understand the urgency that electrical faults can present, causing downtime and preventing production which is why we can offer reactive maintenance with our experienced engineers who are familiar with three-phase installations and have vast knowledge on fault-finding within machinery.

EQsparky technicians are fully trained and up to date with the latest Health and Safety requirements carrying out dynamic testing on every job we attend.

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