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Are You Looking to Future​ Proof Your Home or Business?

At SEQsparky we are always looking to the future to understand how we can keep your property maintained and up to date today and tomorrow.

We make sure that we are in touch with the best new technologies to make sure our customers can access the best gadgets, features and security around the home or at your place of work.

So whether you are looking to install your first electric vehicle charging point, make the most out of energy saving technologies, update your security or get your property connected through IoT, you can speak to us.

Are You Ready to Go Clean?

Are you ready to convert to clean energy?

With energy prices sky rocketing we can help you save money long term by installing solar power to your property and guide you through other energy saving ideas.

At SEQsparky, we look to the future to ensure long term clean energy for the community.

Ways We Can Help You Go Clean

We can connect your solar panels to the grid (pushing your excess power back to the power supply), we can also install your micro invertor.

We have the expertise in knowing what products can help lower the cost of your energy bills.  

Our professional team can install LED skylights and LED lighting throughout your property – you will be surprised what a difference these energy efficient choices can make.

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