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Are You Looking to Future Proof Your
Home or Business?​

At SEQsparky we are always looking to the future to understand how we can keep your property maintained and up to date today and tomorrow.
We make sure that we are in touch with the best new technologies to make sure our customers can access the best gadgets, features and security around the home or at your place of work.
So whether you are looking to install your first electric vehicle charging point, make the most out of energy saving technologies, update your security or get your property connected through IoT, you can speak to us.

Security Matters

Is your security system making the best use of technology?
Keeping your home or business secure can be a worry, especially as old technology is vulnerable to security breaches.
Don’t settle for just any outdated CCTV system that other service provides may try to sell you. In the security world, CCTVs are the 1990s version of security – these proven to be weak forms of security on the market and have been replaced by newer, smarter and better models several times over.

Upgrade Your Security For Greater Peace of Mind

The good news is there has never been a better time to upgrade to a smart security system, with many options available from multiple reputable manufacturers.
From the moment somebody crosses your boundary, with smart security you can not only see people approaching your property in real time from connected mobile apps but deter would be intruders and even notify the authorities from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.
Why not speak to us to find out how smart security could help your piece of mind and keep your property secure.
Strengthen your home or office security systems and peace of mind with an SEQsparky Security System.
We offer leading modern security solutions, tailored to your home or business layout and needs.
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