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Private Property Poles

There are two main types of private power poles which can be installed onto a property, timber and galvanised/ steel.

They each have their positives and negatives which comes with their set up and persevered usage. However, in the end, it is up to the homeowner and their personal preference as to which one is installed or replaced.



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At SEQ Sparky we have decided to briefly detail a step by step process detailing how we carry out installations.

Regardless of what type of installation is required.

New or an existing pole looking to be upgraded; the below is the general process

  1. Inspect the area and ensure it is clear from vegetation and it can be connected to the electrical network and property through the point of attachment.
  2. Disconnect the power.
  3. Safely remove the old power pole.
  4. Drill a hole for the new power pole
  5. Install and replace with a new pole
  6. Reconnect to the electrical network

Standard Warranty  (No Membership required)

Is included in every purchase from SEQ Sparky

  • 12 Month in home warranty (parts and labour included)
  • 12 Month Installation Warranty (labour included) 


VIP Warranty (Membership Required)

To all our Loyal Members (must have an active membership from date of install)

  • 60 Month in Home Warranty (parts and labour included) 
  • Lifetime Installation Warranty (labour included)
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