Switchboard Inspection


Reason To Get Your Electrical Switchboard Inspected

At SEQ Sparky we believe prevention is better than cure.


Providing protection against short circuits, earth leakages, and other problems, the switchboard plays a vital role in the safety system for electrical circuits.

There can and will be faults over time, including faulty protection devices, loose wiring, exposed contacts, dangerous situations, as well as the ever present threat of asbestos in older boards.

The switchboard should be inspected regularly for just these reasons.

In addition to identifying defects, SEQ Sparky will offer recommendations for their resolution.

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What our service includes:

  • A visual inspection and written detailed report to have on file
  • Check for unsafe components and exposed live parts
  • Check consumer mains, wiring and circuit breakers
  • Check earthing electrode is compliant with standards
  • Check compliance to current standards
  • Take photographs of any anomalies
  • Provide written quotation for recommendations
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