Switchboard Inspection


Reason To Get Your Electrical Switchboards Inspected

At SEQsparky we belive prevention is better than cure.


The Australian Standard (AS 3019 -2007) refers to the verification for electrical items within common areas to be completed.

It a advisable that you complete switchboard inspections every year as a minimum as it a critical piece of infrastructure.


Safety switches must be tested in accordance with AS/NZ 3760:2010, which specifies that inspection and test must be completed every 6mths (push button) and 1 year(operating time test).


Outcomes for the Switchboard Inspections:

  • Meets legal requirements and insurance criteria
  • Duty of care of the asset as well as the residents and visitors
  • Most older building switchboards are no longer compliant with today’s standard and can be a danger due to the common day load occupants may put on the board
  • Safety switches are what can save lives by instantly turning the power off to the circuit in the event of a fault
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